Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg - Precision of volumetric assessment of proximal femur microarchitecture from high-resolution 3T MRI.


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RPOSE: To evaluate the precision of measures of bone volume and bone volume fraction derived from high-resolution 3T MRI of proximal femur bone microarchitecture using non-uniformity correction.METHODS: This HIPAA compliant, institutional review board approved study was conducted on six volunteers (mean age 56 ? 13 years), and written informed consent was obtained. All volunteers underwent a 3T FLASH MRI hip scan at three time points: baseline, second scan same day (intra-scans), and third scan one week later (inter-scans). Segmentation of femur images and values for total proximal femur volume (T), bone volume (B), and bone volume fraction (BVF) were calculated using in-house developed software, FireVoxel. Two types of non-uniformity corrections were applied to images (N3 and BiCal). Precision values were calculated using absolute percent error (APE). Statistical analysis was carried out using one-sample one-sided t test to observe the consistency of the precision and paired t test to compare between the various methods and scans.RESULTS: No significant differences in bone volume measurements were observed for intra- and inter-scans. When using non-uniformity correction and assessing all subjects uniformly at the level of the lesser trochanter, precision values overall improved, especially significantly (p < 0.05) when measuring bone volume, B . B values using the combination of N3 or BiCal with CLT had a significant consistent APE values of less than 2.5 %, while BVF values were all consistently and significantly lower than 2.5 % APE.CONCLUSION: Our results demonstrate the precision of high-resolution 3D MRI measures were comparable to that of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Additional corrections to the analysis technique by cropping at the lesser trochanter or using non-uniformity corrections helped to improve precision. The high precision values from these MRI scans provide evidence for MRI of the proximal femur as a promising tool for osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment.

Resumo Limpo

rpose evalu precis measur bone volum bone volum fraction deriv highresolut t mri proxim femur bone microarchitectur use nonuniform correctionmethod hipaa compliant institut review board approv studi conduct six volunt mean age year written inform consent obtain volunt underw t flash mri hip scan three time point baselin second scan day intrascan third scan one week later interscan segment femur imag valu total proxim femur volum t bone volum b bone volum fraction bvf calcul use inhous develop softwar firevoxel two type nonuniform correct appli imag n bical precis valu calcul use absolut percent error ape statist analysi carri use onesampl onesid t test observ consist precis pair t test compar various method scansresult signific differ bone volum measur observ intra interscan use nonuniform correct assess subject uniform level lesser trochant precis valu overal improv especi signific p measur bone volum b b valu use combin n bical clt signific consist ape valu less bvf valu consist signific lower apeconclus result demonstr precis highresolut d mri measur compar dualenergi xray absorptiometri addit correct analysi techniqu crop lesser trochant use nonuniform correct help improv precis high precis valu mri scan provid evid mri proxim femur promis tool osteoporosi diagnosi treatment

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